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As we chart a way beyond the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and forge a path towards a more secure future, Meals on Wheels London stands at the forefront in the fight against senior isolation and hunger.

Achieving these goals hinges on financial sustainability, which is why we are appealing to the business community for support. Your support not only directly aids London’s most vulnerable but also extends to those in crisis situations. 

We are building capacity and fostering innovation to confront these issues head-on. By becoming a sponsor or donating to us, you play a pivotal role in ensuring we possess the resources necessary to consistently provide a lifeline to our most vulnerable neighbours. In addition, you’ll benefit from valuable marketing advantages that come with sponsorship.

Join us today in making a lasting impact!

How Your Business Can be involved

You likely have strategic goals that go far beyond profits and margins. They might involve brand loyalty or awareness, satisfied employees and community impact. By partnering with Meals on Wheels London, you can reach these important goals while ensuring London’s seniors and adults with disabilities are not forgotten.

Below is a list of ways your organization can get involved to support our mission. We have many opportunities to suit a variety of businesses and sizes.

Thinking about something that is not listed below? Contact us at [email protected]!

Business Opportunities

Core Service Sponsorships

Consider partnering with us or sponsoring our core services, such as our Meal Programs (Fresh, Frozen, & Breakfast), our client Transportation Program, our Friendly Visit Program, or partner with us on/sponsor any of our operational needs. We can highlight your business to our large base of clients and volunteers, as well as the wider community.

As an organization that has been committed to this work and dedicated to supporting London’s seniors and those with disabilities for over 53 years. Our reputation speaks for itself and by supporting our mission, programs, and clients, the community will see your business’s commitment to care.

Here is a list of all core service areas where we need support!

Make a direct impact on hunger by donating meals directly to London’s seniors and adults with disabilities in need!

Your support directly provides nourishing meals that bring comfort and sustenance to those who rely on Meals on Wheels, especially benefitting the most vulnerable and those with low-incomes who may not otherwise be able to afford meals.

Join us in spreading warmth, care and vital nutrition. Any amount you can give is welcome and we have some suggestions to show how impactful your support can be:

  • $100 provides 40 meals 
  • $500 provides 200 meals
  • $1500 provides 600 meals

Reach out to [email protected] to learn more and make a meaningful contribution.

Help London’s seniors maintain their health and well-being by sponsoring rides to essential appointments! Our transportation program ensures that seniors can access vital medical and wellness services, providing them the freedom to stay connected and cared for.

Your sponsorship directly supports seniors, ensuring they never miss their crucial appointments.
By partnering with us, you contribute to their independence and improve their quality of life.
Your business can be the reason our seniors make it to their doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or other wellness related appointments in London.

Join us in making a tangible difference:

  • $200 sponsors 20 rides
  • $500 sponsors 50 rides
  • $1000 sponsors 100 rides

Together, we can drive positive change and ensure that no senior is left without the care they deserve.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this impactful opportunity.

Help us ensure London’s seniors and those in need receive the critical meals and companionship they are counting on. Become a Meal Route Sponsor and know your organization is the reason food made it to our senior’s tables.

Your support helps cover the costs of meal heating, delivery, and gas for our volunteer drivers. You will directly impact the lives of our community members. By sponsoring a meal route, you’re not just providing food – you’re delivering comfort, care, and a brighter future.
We can also provide advertising benefits!

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about this impactful opportunity.

Sponsor our Fresh Meal Bags (paper bags) or our Frozen Meal Cooler Bags!

This is an amazing opportunity for your business to get your brand in the hands of thousands of London’s seniors and their families throughout the year. Sponsor our bags for a quarter or the whole year and we will add your logo to the bags!

Our clients and their caregivers will see your brand with each delivery they receive.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Be the reason our programs can continue to operate!

We are seeking sponsors for much needed equipment to help us carry out our services. We are in great need of funding for the following:

  • Chest Freezer x6 🚨
  • Upright Freezer x4 🚨
  • Fridges x5 🚨
  • Vehicle 🚨

This is an amazing opportunity for your business to receive significant recognition in our community through a long-term investment in the support of our clients. We can work with you directly on a mutually beneficial strategy whereby supporting MOWL with critical equipment, we can create a tailored sponsorship package that meets your organizational needs and gets your brand in the hands of thousands of London’s seniors, their families and to our community supporters. 

Our clients and their caregivers will see your brand with each delivery they receive.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Event Sponsorships

Elevate Your Impact with Event Sponsorships!

Join us in creating a lasting impact by sponsoring our vibrant community events! From our annual ‘Marching for Meals’ walkathon to other engaging initiatives, your sponsorship directly contributes to the success of these meaningful gatherings.

By becoming an event sponsor, you align your business with our commitment to addressing senior isolation and hunger. Your support not only helps us raise crucial funds but also enhances your brand visibility among our dedicated clients, volunteers, and the wider community.

Partner with us to make a difference:

  • Be a prominent presence at our annual ‘Marching for Meals’ walkathon
  • Winter Holiday Campaign
  • Support specialized events that resonate with your values
  • Enjoy exclusive marketing benefits and recognition

With over five decades of unwavering dedication to London’s seniors and individuals with disabilities, we invite you to be part of our impactful events. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about event sponsorship opportunities and how we can work together to create positive change.

Become a sponsor of our annual Marching for Meals walkathon! Each year, MOWL partners with many businesses in the London area to raise funds to provide 12,000 meals to our lowest income senior neighbours and those in difficult situations.

We have multiple levels of sponsorship available to suite a variety of business sizes, ranging from as little as $250 to $5000 and beyond. We also provide generous marketing benefits alongside your support, and each sponsorship provides hundreds to thousands of meals for those who may otherwise have to go without. For more information, click here or email [email protected].

Empower London’s seniors and adults with disabilities with warmth and sustenance during our Winter Holiday Campaign!

Join hands with Meals on Wheels London in our mission to ensure no one goes without a meal this season. Your sponsorship directly provides critical nourishment and companionship to those who need it most, making a lasting impact in our community.

With your support, we aim to raise $15,000, delivering 6000 vital meals to our most vulnerable neighbors. As a Winter Holiday sponsor, your commitment helps brighten lives and spread joy during this special time.

Choose your level of impact:

  • $250: Serves 100 meals
  • $500: Serves 200 meals
  • $1000: Serves 400 meals
  • We appreciate any level of support you may be able to offer, even if it is not listed here!

Join us in making a difference. Contact [email protected] to learn more and extend a heartwarming gesture to those who deserve it.

Direct Aid Sponsorships

Extend a Helping Hand through Direct Aid Sponsorship

At Meals on Wheels London, we believe in the power of direct support to transform lives. Our ‘Direct Aid Sponsorship’ category offers an impactful way for businesses to provide essential aid to London’s seniors and individuals with disabilities who are in need.

By sponsoring direct aid initiatives, you offer practical assistance that directly improves the lives of those we serve. From donating microwaves, fans, blankets, and other vital items, your support ensures that our clients have the essentials they require for comfort and well-being.

With your involvement, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of our community members, fostering a sense of care, compassion, and belonging. Your sponsorship not only fulfills immediate needs but also demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of our clients.

Join us in providing direct support to our clients:

  • Provide essential items that make a real impact
  • Showcase your compassion and community commitment
  • Enhance your brand’s reputation through meaningful support

Become a ‘Direct Aid Sponsor’ and help us make a direct and positive change in the lives of Londoners. Contact us at [email protected] to explore opportunities and contribute to creating a stronger, more supportive community.

We also provide the opportunity to donate directly to our clients! This can take many forms, such as donating treats for a day, donating microwaves for those who have no other way to heat their meals, or perhaps donating fans or blankets for our clients who may not be able to afford to stay cool/warm.

This is a highly flexible and open-ended opportunity as the needs of Londoners continues to grow in our community. Contact [email protected] to learn more about this deeply impactful opportunity.

How Can This Help My Business?

By partnering with Meals on Wheels London as a Community Champion, your business can experience a range of valuable benefits that extend far beyond traditional investments.

Here’s how supporting our mission can enhance your business:

Align your brand with a compassionate cause and showcase your commitment to the well-being of London’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. Demonstrating your dedication to the community will resonate with your customers and supporters.

Your sponsorship or support will be acknowledged and promoted within our extensive network of clients, volunteers, and the wider community. Your brand will gain exposure to a caring and engaged audience.

Engage your employees in a meaningful way by supporting a cause that addresses senior isolation and hunger. Corporate social responsibility initiatives can boost employee morale, retention, and recruitment.

Make a lasting difference in the lives of Londoners. Your support directly contributes to the health, well-being, and independence of seniors and individuals with disabilities. You become a vital part of our community’s support system.

Depending on your level of support, you may receive valuable marketing benefits such as logo placement, recognition in our materials, and prominent presence at community events. These advantages can enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Gain positive media coverage and public relations opportunities by supporting our impactful events and initiatives. Your involvement can generate goodwill and positive stories for your business.

We are open to exploring custom sponsorship packages that align with your specific business goals and needs. Let us work together to create a partnership that maximizes your impact and benefits.

Remember, your investment in Meals on Wheels London not only helps your business thrive but also directly contributes to the well-being of our community’s most vulnerable members.

Become a Community Champion and demonstrate your commitment to being a true champion for our community. Contact us at [email protected] to explore the numerous ways you can get involved and make a lasting impact.

Partnerships in Action

IBEW Local 120 sponsoring Marching for Meals 2023!
Beck Hearing Aid Centre sponsoring Marching for Meals!
The Cooperators donating volunteers for a day!
Glendale Crossing sponsoring Marching for Meals 2023!
The Cooperators team photo after delivering fliers in London!
The Quilters Guild donating warm blankets!
Amazon DCL1 sponsoring Marching for Meals 2023!
Student Volunteers -
LEAP Program
Glendale Crossing donating muffins for our clients!
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